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Joie de vivre, is social media affecting your joy?

If you google joie de vivre you will find that it means exuberant enjoyment of life, but how does that relate to you?

Going a little simpler the definition of joy is feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

Social media and happiness, this topic comes up a lot in sessions from my clients. Even though we may not want to talk about boundaries with social media, it's necessary as with anything else in life.

So how is social media and joy associated with one another?

It is said that social media causes the secretion of dopamine in your brain which lays the groundwork for a mindless addiction to it because we want to feel that pleasure after a long day at work or a tough argument with our loved ones. We are all guilty of mindless scrolling but just because its "normal" doesn't mean its healthy.

Dopamine is a hormone that is important for pleasurable reward and motivation, amongst others.

Now, in moderation, what is the harm in a little dopamine surge from some mindless scrolling? Maybe not much harm at all, but when you find yourself scrolling through tik tok, instagram, or facebook, rather than connecting with life, the risk of missing out on the "joie de vivre" increases. You can deepen your connection with life through activities like laughing with a loved one, gardening, reading a book, crafting, listening to music , etc. I can go on with activities that trigger a longer lasting and more fulfilling dopamine response along with other endorphins.

Notice in your own life what activities give you that feeling of "joie de vivre".

Also, next time you find yourself mindlessly scrolling, don't judge it, just put your phone down and mindfully choose another activity that brings you joy to create balance!

Happy Healing, Nurse Kim

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