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Kurma Holistics care is your cherry on top!

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Why add in care with Kurma Holistics A Nursing Approach with other care that you are getting with other providers?

Working with me will complement the care that you receive with other providers that you see. With both combined aspects of care, through evidence-based practices, from your conventional providers and me, as a holistic provider, will offer you an array of benefits. Continuing to see your current providers is necessary because each of your other providers practice differently than me and we can each benefit your health & wellness in our own way. The care I offer can really enhance the current care by helping you to shed the limitations that you may put on yourself and clear out the obstacles that are getting in the way of you and your best self. If your provider has ever told you that you needed to change a lifestyle habit, added a new diagnosis to your medical history, informed you that you should change your diet, exercise more, and so on but something in you was not able to incorporate or commit to the new way that your doctor suggested, I can be of assistance to support you to making those therapeutic decisions. I also help to educate you on many life principles that are crucial to your wellbeing. Subjects may include stress management, sleep, nourishing your body and mind, and much more!

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