Wellness Principles

Health & Wellness Nurse Coaching

Deep listening throughout session. Implementing tools that help you navigate what is therapeutic for you and your specific goal or situation. Upholding you as the leader of your health and wellness path. I support you, as your coach, helping you build empowerment and resilience along the way.

Holistic Nursing

Implementing Nursing care by viewing my clients as a whole person, rather than focusing on one bodily system, no matter the goal, situation, or obstacle that is being worked on. Approaching your care plan with your mind, body, emotion, and spirit at the forefront.

Functional Nursing

Education through the foundations of Functional Medicine. Subjects may include food and how you nourish your body, sleep routine, movement practices, etc. The main goal is to benefit your body's overall function!


Your journey is for you.

You are the prize.

Everything you need to heal is within you.

I support you throughout the process.


While venturing together, there are different phases of care.

  • Immediate Phase in which we work together to increase awareness of your goals/desires & create a toolbox of self-care tools that serve you.

  • Wellness Phase, this phase is when we see each other less often and I support you through reflecting within to utilize the tools that you have learned.

  • Maintenance Phase, during this time I see you as needed. Your mind-body connection is an open channel & the communication is clear on what is therapeutic for your health and wellness.