Kurma Holistics

A Nursing Approach

At Kurma Holistics, we focus on your health & wellbeing by educating on lifestyles changes to positively impact your internal & external environments. We take a big picture approach compared to traditional nursing. Our holistic approach will support you to integrate awareness, reflection, empowerment, and resilience into your everyday life.

 Education and tools that will be taught are implemented to enhance how you experience your inner self and the world around you. Growing to build a strong foundation that will help you cope with everyday stressors! You'll also learn to listen to what your mind and body truly need and use your internal compass to implement the therapeutic lifestyle changes that you desire.

Your Journey Starts Here!

In my Holistic Health & Wellness Nurse Coaching practice, I utilize the foundation of nursing theory to hold a therapeutic space for my clients. Throughout your healing journey, you will learn to cope adaptively through situations in your life, past, present, or future. Awareness of what is and is not working for you in life is the first step. I then assist you to listen to your inner compass for what lifestyle changes best fit you, and help you root down in your own innate strength through empowerment to choose the therapeutic path. Health & wellness looks different for everyone, your journey is unique to you. The education and tools I offer will help your whole self (mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually).


Contact Me

If you desire positive lifestyle changes, are going through a big change that you want support with, want to learn therapeutic ways of coping with the stressors in your life, or you just feel like you want to live your life in a way that increases your wellbeing.

To better serve all of Louisiana our services are virtual via Zoom Meeting on any computer or smart phone or via telephone.

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