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I am glad you are here! I hope you feel this community is therapeutic for all your stress relief needs/desires. Here we focus on your health + wellbeing by educating on lifestyles changes to positively impact your internal & external environments. We embrace a holistic approach to stress management. Stress affects your whole body from your head to your toes and everything in between. Through our holistic approach to stress, in the mind, body, emotion, and spirit, our community and resources will support you to integrate awareness, reflection, empowerment, and resilience into your everyday life.

Education & tools will be taught to assist you to therapeutically shift how you experience & cope with stress. The benefits range from changing how you feel internally to how you connect with the world around you and everything in between. By learning self-awareness you'll also be able to listen to what your mind and body truly need and use your internal compass to implement healthy lifestyle changes to enhance your well-being.

Services & Resources


WELLNESS PRINCIPLES HEALTH + WELLNESS NURSE COACHING Deep listening throughout session. Implementing tools that help you navigate what is therapeutic for you and your specific goal or situation. Upholding you as the leader of your health and wellness path. I support you, as your coach, helping you build empowerment and resilience along the way. HOLSTIC NURSING Implementing Nursing care by viewing my clients as a whole person, rather than focusing on one bodily system, no matter the goal, situation, or obstacle that is being worked on. Approaching your care plan with your mind, body, emotion, and spirit at the forefront. FUNCTIONAL NURSING Education through the foundations of Functional Medicine. Subjects may include food and how you nourish your body, sleep routine, movement practices, etc. The main goal is to benefit your body's overall function!

CYCLES OF HEALING While venturing together, there are different phases of care. IMMEDIATE PHASE in which we work together to increase awareness of your goals/desires & create a toolbox of self-care tools that serve you. WELLNESS PHASE This phase is when we see each other less often and I support you through reflecting within to utilize the tools that you have learned. MAINTAINENCE PHASE During this time I see you as needed. Your mind-body connection is an open channel & the communication is clear on what is therapeutic for your health and wellness.  ​

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LEARN WITH KURMA COURSES Independently deepen your knowledge with Kurma Courses. Courses include: -Stress Management -Caregiver Support -Holistic Procedure Prep -Sleep Hygiene -Eating Hygiene -Empowered Breastfeeding

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KURMA MEMBERSHIP Independently flourish with new content and tools each month. Monthly plan includes: -Mindfulness Practices -Grounding Activities -Breathwork -Meditative Movements -Tapping Exercises -Mantras -Journals -Audibles (Imagery/Meditation) -Educational Talks

COURSE DISCLAIMER The content of this website is for informational purposes only by providing the information contained herein we are not diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing any type of disease or medical condition. Before beginning any type of treatment regimen, it is advisable to seek the advice of a licensed healthcare professional.

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WORKBOOKS + JOURNALS Tools to assist you while you grow independently. Available titles include: -Wellness Beyond the Diagnosis Workbook -Food Harmony Workbook -Holistic Smoking Cessation Workbook -Couples Wellness Workbook -Consciouly Kurma Journal: Daily Reflection and Self Discovery


THERAPEUTIC YOGA Did you know there there is more to yoga than postures? This type of yoga works on the attention and flexibility of your mind & body. Focusing on self-study and learning tools to live a more meditative way of life.  Other areas of focus is healthy personal practices, breathwork, letting go, therapeutic attention, kindness, authenticity, state of harmony, and meditative movement. This service is for clients that live outside Louisiana.

F.A.Q. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A CONVENTIONAL RN AND A HOLISTIC RN? As a conventional RN, in environments like the hospital, nurses follow the nursing process for nursing interventions along with physician's orders to administer medication/implement medical treatments. The care that I offer, in this particular specialized field of nursing , as a Holistic RN and Health & Wellness Nurse Coach, I too, follow the nursing process to provide supportive care, educate healthy lifestyle changes, while implementing coaching tools to help my clients reach the goal of their best self (body, mind, emotion). Note: Care does not include medical treatment or implementation of any kind, please see you primary care provider for any and all medical issues. WHY IS HAVING A PROFESSIONAL THROUGH SELF GROWTH IMPORTANT? The benefit of having a professional during your journey of self growth is to help you navigate throughout your path. Your practitioner can help you notice and observe life stressors and also help you learn ways to cope therapeutically. This helps to prevent you from the detour of developing maladaptive ways of coping. WHY IS BOARD CERTIFICATION IMPORTANT? Being board certified means many things, the main thing being that there is a board behind my credentials validating my competency and expertise in this specialty of nursing. This ensures that I am capable to give you, the client, optimal care. I have received board certification as a Holistic RN and a Health & Wellness Nurse Coach. DO YOU TAKE INSURANCE? Insurance does not cover my services at this time. There have been some HSAs that have reimbursed my clients after they submit a detailed invoice from each session. Note: Each HSA is different therefore you must check in with your specific HSA to verify coverage. WHAT CAN YOU HELP ME WITH? The main things that I can help with are mind & body stress relief, generalized health and wellness, creating a therapeutic relationship with yourself and your loved ones, & assist you to choose lifestyle choices that support your overall wellbeing. Also, there are many benefits that my clients experience that surpass the main reason they started care, I call them happy side effects! HOW ARE YOUR SESSIONS SET UP? Sessions are held virtually for your convenience. Health & wellness nurse coaching sessions are available to all of Louisiana!  Note: Therapeutic Yoga Sessions are available outside of Louisiana

Your Journey Starts Here!

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Meet Nurse Kim

Bio Bonjour! My name is Kimberly! I'm a south Louisiana native, born and raised Cajun. I love our culture. I enjoy being outside, spending time with my family, & passing a good time with friends! I have a passion for cooking and being creative in any way possible. EDUCATION & BOARD CERTIFICATION BACKGROUND Bachelor of Science in Nursing from University of Louisiana at Lafayette (2012) Board certified Holistic Registered Nurse (2017) Board certified Health & Wellness Nurse Coach (2020) Certified Acupressure Practitioner (2017) Registered Yoga Teacher 200 (2017) Board Certifications through AHNCC (American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corp) Member of AHNA (American Holistic Nurses Association) For more information about Holistic Nursing:

Holistic Care + Wellness Nurse Coach In my Holistic Health & Wellness Nurse Coaching practice, I utilize the foundation of nursing theory to hold a therapeutic space for my clients. Throughout your healing journey, you will learn to cope adaptively through situations in your life, past, present, or future. Awareness of what is and is not working for you in life is the first step. I then assist you to listen to your inner compass for what lifestyle changes best fit you, and help you root down in your own innate strength through empowerment to choose the therapeutic path. Health & wellness looks different for everyone, your journey is unique to you. The education and tools I offer will help your whole self (mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually).


"Your healing journey is for you.  You are the prize.  Everything you need to heal is within you.  I support you throughout the process."

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The content of this website is for informational purposes only by providing the information contained herein we are not diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing any type of disease or medical condition. Before beginning any type of treatment regimen, it is advisable to seek the advice of a licensed healthcare professional.

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If you desire positive lifestyle changes, are going through a big change that you want support with, want to learn therapeutic ways of coping with the stressors in your life, or you just feel like you want to live your life in a way that increases your wellbeing.

To better serve all of Louisiana our services are virtual via Zoom Meeting on any computer or smart phone or via telephone.

Thank you for your message! I'll be in touch soon!

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