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What does wake up and heal mean?!

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Before reading below...sit with that question for a minute, "what does wake up and heal mean?" and notice what comes up for you.

For me, wake up and heal means that every interaction I have with life I have the intention to show up in a healing space. And by healing space, I mean not from the wounds of the past. For me, I have to keep awareness on the forefront because when a wound of the past is triggered by my life today, before my healing journey, I found myself showing up to life in ways that created an abundance of suffering.

As I always say, pain in life is inevitable, but how we suffer, is our choosing, consciously or subconsciously.

We can’t control when something triggers an old trauma memory within, when something traumatic happens, how someone treats us, or even when something occurs in life that we view is less than.

BUT what we can control is what we do with what is presented and that my friends, is where the “we choose how we suffer” comes in.

We choose consciously or subconsciously how we show up every day! I have found myself many times waking up to life with an outlook that created a lot of suffering but it wasn’t until my conscious decisions rewired my subconscious experience of life that my life truly began to change.

Therefore, when I speak of healing, I don’t mean it in a sense that I wake up to heal because there is always something wrong. I speak on healing in a form of intent. I intend to show up in my relationship with myself, in my relationships with my loved ones, or in life in general with healing eyes, healing ears, healing touch, and most of all a healing heart.

Happy Healing,


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